Status credits are the measure of the loyalty value of your flight purchase to the airline’s frequent flyer program. Each paid flight you take will be designated a numeric value based on the length of flight, booking category and airline involved.

Each frequent flyer will have an earning year, based on your date of joining, whereby you have twelve months to attain status credits to determine your membership level. A new element involved is how many sectors that have been flown on Qantas [QF] flight numbers to ensure there is some amount of Qantas preferred travel. For example, four Qantas operated sectors are necessary to obtain or retain a Silver frequent flyer level.

At QFlyer, part of our professional service is to ensure we explore options to balance status credit accrual in relation to price paid to ensure you are obtaining optimal value. We will do the research into booking category and airline to advise you specifically how many status credits you will earn with your airfare purchase. As a busy professional you can leverage your time to our expert travel agents who plan and book more airfares in a week than almost anyone will book in a year.

As part of our consultation, certainly let us know your rollover date and how many status credits you need to attain or retain your membership and we can tailor our advice accordingly.

Search airfare deals now via our deals page to see both prices and an estimate of status credit earn, or send through you preferred dates and destinations to our specialist team at [email protected] and we’ll find the right airfare for you.