Points Of Difference

At QFlyer, we are passionate about flying and getting the most from your frequent flyer membership. We have several points of difference which will make your booking process simpler and quicker whilst delivering the optimum balance of price, product quality and reward benefits.

1. We’re all about the journey

Most travel agents are about selling the destination and simply booking your flights as a means to getting your booking for accommodation and tours. This has led the travel industry to be full of under skilled sales people rather than true professionals. We’re a little different. We are passionate about the journey. To us, how you get there is the most important part of the trip and where we can show our expertise in terms of airfare construction and airline knowledge. We’re not particularly fussed or focussed on what is happening on the ground at the other end as there is little technical knowledge required in that area, we know that starting your business trip or holiday off smoothly sets the tone for the rest of your stay and that is what we focus on. We know all the seat maps and where the best places to sit are, taking into account availability at the time of booking and areas that may be blocked depending on your membership level. Save yourself time and hassle looking up seat maps when you can leave it to those who do this day in / day out.

2. Expert agents only

Major chains have given travel agents a bad rap in the last 10 years, rapid expansion in this age of travel where almost everyone can afford to fly has resulted in mass hiring to fill many shopfront agencies. With a high attrition rate [some major firms lose as much as 40% of their staff per annum!] this has left the industry with a skills shortage and results in many negative customer experiences due to people unknowingly booking with amateur agents. With QFlyer, a subsidiary of RoundAbout Travel, we only hire agents with significant industry experience to be able to sell the most complex kinds of airline tickets and even then they undergo extensive training in airfare and airline product to be across the latest in aircrafts, seat types and frequent flyer programs. We know that it’s vital that we as the agent know more than the customer to be able to deliver the right advice every time and by focussing our staff in smaller, dedicated teams we can have experts specialising in each field. Meet the team to see more about our backgrounds.

3. 1 Business Day Service Guarantee

When Mark and Amy Trim started parent brand Complex Travel, they wanted to do something pretty drastic to the travel landscape. That was to offer a service guarantee from start to finish. Some companies offer a thinly veiled price guarantee, offering to beat competitor pricing by $1, but no one would really stand by their service turnarounds. That was 10 years ago and to date we haven’t seen another company back themselves to get back to you each and every time. This same service guarantee is extended to QFlyer and you can rest assured that once you’ve booked and paid that the same efficient and timely service will be there for you throughout the process.

4. We regularly test and review airline product

Usually reviews of airlines are undertaken by journalists on a free junket with little detail, scared to offend the company that might be paying big bucks to advertise with them. The other issue with some reviews are that they don’t focus on the value and cost of the fare in question. We believe if we’re going to sell airfares that we need to have a good feel for the product to be able to provide a correct cost/benefit analysis delivering the best value option for your needs. We regularly review airlines, particularly in business class where there are larger product and cost differences, and we sample airline lounges to give you more information about the airlines you’re flying with the most. We pay for these tickets without airline sponsorship so that we can prepare unbiased reviews and feedback. Mark and Amy have both maintained high tier frequent flyer accounts for several years along with flying business class regularly on many airlines. You can read our airline and lounge reviews here.

5. Exclusivity: Silver and Above Only

At QFlyer, we believe that maximising your frequent flyer status is key if you do a bit of travelling. Most travellers who are a member probably shouldn’t bother if they aren’t going to fly frequently [the hint is in the name]. But we are an agent who specifically caters to the needs of true frequent flyers – handling travel exclusively for silver and above QFF members [or equivalent partner program level]. Whether you are looking to maintain a membership level or try and jump up a tier, we can point you in the right direction in terms of earning your status credits and balancing price and recognition. We’re all about the earning phase on medium and long haul travel where the best opportunities exist to get you up to those higher membership tiers. That way you can burn those points or get that free lounge access for when you’re travelling on simpler short haul journeys when perhaps you prefer to self-manage.

6. Qantas Platinum Club

QFlyer is a member of the Qantas Platinum Club. Awarded by Qantas to their Top 100 most valued agents in the country, the exclusive club rewards and recognises the commitment from QFlyer to Qantas. 

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