Our Process and Pricing

Our goal for booking your travel is to essentially deliver one thing: value. Value is a combination of factors including service, time leverage, price, product quality, connections and frequent flyer benefits. For someone maintaining a silver or above frequent flyer status, it means you’re spending a bit of money on your travel as well as a fair bit of your time. Balancing those elements to deliver the best value outcome is critical and achieved through our consultation process.

Our consultation starts with either the website enquiry form or we can also qualify your needs over the phone. We are looking to get an initial picture of your basic outline of dates and destinations and through many combined years of booking flights we’ve gathered the right questions to ask to get a picture of your personal travel needs.

These differ from one person to the next and we can refine the right deal for you based on these preferences. We give you a dedicated point of contact throughout the process, rather than having to contact an airline directly and getting an overseas call centre with a different person every time. We’re only an email or call away with a guaranteed 1 business day service guarantee. For busy professionals and business owners leveraging this time and outsourcing your travel planning process to an expert agent is a nett gain in cost compared to inputting a greater amount of your valuable time scrounging through websites to perhaps end up with the wrong value deal for you.

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