Qantas - Air France Codeshare Agreement

Wed, 23 May 2018

Qantas has renewed their codeshare agreement with Air France effective from July 20th 2018.

The new agreement connects Australia to Paris via Singapore and Hong Kong, with over 200 flights per week included in the codeshare.

Available to book from June 5th 2018, Qantas will add it’s code to flights operted by Air France between Singapore and Hong Kong and Paris - Charles de Gaulle, connecting to QF flights from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth.

Qantas passengers will benefit from single ticket itineraries, checked through baggage, frequent flyer members will earn points on the codeshare flights, and eligible customers will receive access to Air France lounge in Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore.


Flights covered by the codeshare agreement

Air France Flights Daily flight schedules (in local time) operated by Air France in July-October 2018:

  • AF256: leaves Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 20:50, arrives in Singapore at 15:45 the following day
  • AF257: leaves Singapore at 22:35, arrives at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 6:00 the following day
  • AF188: leaves Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 23:35, arrives in Hong Kong at 17:35 the following day
  • AF185: leaves Hong Kong at 22:50, arrives at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 5:55 the following day

Qantas Flights Daily flight schedules (in local time) operated by Qantas in July-October 2018:

  • QF002: leaves Singapore at 19:30, arrives in Sydney at 5:10 the following day
  • QF082: leaves Singapore at 21:10, arrives in Sydney at 7:00 the following day
  • QF036: leaves Singapore at 20:15, arrives in Melbourne at 5:35 the following day
  • QF052: leaves Singapore at 20:40, arrives in Brisbane at 6:05 the following day
  • QF072: leaves Singapore at 18:40, arrives in Perth at 23:55
  • QF081: leaves Sydney at 10:15, arrives in Singapore at 16:50
  • QF035: leaves Melbourne at 11:55, arrives in Singapore at 17:55
  • QF051: leaves Brisbane at 12:00, arrives in Singapore at 18:15
  • QF071: leaves Perth at 11:50, arrives in Singapore at 17:20
  • QF128: leaves Hong Kong at 20:00, arrives in Sydney at 6:55 the following day
  • QF118: leaves Hong Kong at 23:25, arrives in Sydney at 10:50 the following day
  • QF030: leaves Hong Kong at 20:10, arrives in Melbourne at 7:35 the following day
  • QF098: leaves Hong Kong at 20:15, arrives in Brisbane at 7:05 the following day

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