Status Credit Hack - 720 credits under $6k

Wed, 05 Nov 2014

Our favourite airfare right now is JAL's Companion Business Class fare to Europe. Based on price alone it's a good deal, for at least 2 people it starts at $5892 including taxes. With flat beds on the majority of flights, including their award winning Sky Suites and new Dreamliner service, the product level is far better than the price would lead you to believe. Usually fares to Europe with flat beds can easily run you over $7.5k.

So why is this such a great status credit hack? The simple answer is the wide variety of route choices and sectors up for grabs without major price differences.

Fare examples
Aus - Tokyo - Frankfurt and return = 280 status credits
Aus - Hong Kong [Cathay Pacific] - Tokyo - Helsinki [JAL] - Prague [Finnair] and return = 560 status credits
Aus - Singapore [Qantas] - Tokyo - Frankfurt - Madrid [Iberian] and return = 720 status credits!

All of this for under $6k per person for 2 people or $7k for 1 whilst having only a $44 change fee and free accommodation/transfers/meals in Tokyo for flights that misconnect. From around $8.5 per status credit this is one of the best ways to achieve a huge number of status credits for a minimal price.

Flying on your own? Never fear, there is a solo traveller Japan Airlines business class price for under $7k.

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