Finnair Business Class Review

Sun, 21 Jul 2019

Take a look inside Finnair's A350 business class cabin. We recently flew with the airline to Helsinki, where we also checked out their new Platinum Wing Lounge. Finnair's business class cabin has a 1-2-1 configuration with the window seats pointed towards the windows and the middle seats pointed towards the centre of the plane.

Finnair Business Class Window Seat

Finnair Business Class Centre Seats

The middle seats are angled toward each other an great for anyone wanting to converse with their travelling companion. the privacy screens however also add enough of a barrier if you'd prefer to keep to yourself.

Finnair Business Class Middle Seats

  Finnair business class middle seat – Privacy screen

Each business class bed transforms into a fully flat 2 metre long bed with plenty of space.

Finnair business class fully flat bed

The seat controls, entertainment remote, and connectivity ports for your devices are all conveniently located in the console by the side of your seat.

Adjust your seat and transform it to a bed at the touch of a button

Entertainment & Seat Controls, reading light, and connectivity port are conveniently located.

Finnair have undertaken a soft refurbishment on their business class cabin since we last reviewed them back in 2017. The new look cabins have the the same grey seat and upholstery, however the lime green pillows, blankets and amenity kits have been replaced by a new navy blue Marimekko design.

Finnair’s business class cabin features navy blue Marimekko soft furnishings.

Finair's Marimekko Amenity Kit

Finnair's business class inflight menu features Nordic chefs, local produce and signature Finnish flavours such as blueberries and salmon. Passengers can also use the Good Morning menu to select their preferences for breakfast at the start of the flight, with the option to be woken for meals or left uninterrupted.

Finnair’s Featured Chefs

Finnair’s business class midnight menu (for late night departures)

Finnair's business class Good Morning Menu

Inflight meals feature signature Finnish flavours

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