JAL (Japan Airlines) Business Class Flight Review

Tue, 06 Nov 2018

Boarding the flight, I am greeted warmly by JAL staff and shown to my seat, 1C. The seating configuration is 2-2-2, though with a unique seating layout everyone has aisle access. The window seats are the more private of the two. If you are travelling together there is a retractable privacy partition, so you can lower the partition to chat, though one person will be slightly ahead of the other.

JAL Business Class 2-2-2 unique configuration

JAL Business Class Seat

The business class cabin has generous overhead storage, as well as storage space under the ottoman and a compact side storage area. The side storage is complete with power outlets and hook for headphones.

Storage, headphones, and power outlets

Once you’ve unpacked it’s time to settle in for the flight. Our flight departed at 12:45am so a light snack consisting of Chicken Teriyaki, egg tofu and Chinese style jellyfish salad with shark fin was served. Of course if you’re still peckish and can’t sleep, there is the anytime dining, consisting of a mostly Japan inspired menu, as well as sandwiches, cheese selection and fresh fruits.

The business class seat converts to a fully flat bed, which is easily changed from seat to bed (and vice versa) by using a small controller on the side, however staff will happily assist you if preferred. Foot space is ample, with the cubby hole being the same width as the seat, one of the biggest benefits of JAL’s unique Sky Suite layout. A pillow and blanket are provided are provided to each business class passenger, and the blanket is very light and surprisingly warm.

Ample foot space in the JAL business class flat bed

The business class amenity kit includes slippers, toothbrush, lip balm, ear plugs, tissue pack, moisture mask and an eye mask. I enjoyed trying the last item, as my eyes tend to get quite dry on planes, the gentle steam eye mask is designed to relieve dry, tired eyes and help relaxation. I was told this is a popular Japanese item, which i found very soothing.

JAL Business Class Amenity Kit

The staff were very attentive and will ask you shortly after take off if you wish to be woken for breakfast or not. Served around 2 hours before arrival the breakfast menu included Japanese or Western options, both of which were large breakfasts consisting of multiple items. I chose the Western breakfast which included a fresh juice (delivered first), then a delicious array of fruit, yoghurt, croissants, bread and jam, followed by the second course of, cheese omelette, bacon with sides of asparagus and tomatoes. A solid breakfast, all finished with a coffee.

JAL inflight menu

Breakfast onboard - fresh fruit and pastries

Breakfast onboard - Cheese omelette

While finishing breakfast I tried the in flight entertainment, with the impressive 23 inch LCD monitor and an array of movies, news, games and digital manga to choose from.

JAL Business Class Entertainment

Before too long we are ready for landing, with crew moving swiftly through the cabin to assist anyone if need be. The cabin crew were incredibly attentive and friendly, this was a wonderful experience.

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