British Airways New Premium Economy Amenity Kits

Sun, 30 Jun 2019

British Airways is continuing its investment into their World Traveller Plus, premium economy cabin by introducing a new range of amenities for their customers.

The new kit which is made out of recycled plastic bottles was introduced on the first of July and holds all of the essential items travellers need for a flight, including eye mask, socks, pen, toothbrush, toothpaste and lip balm.

New British Airways Amenity Kit

The stylish case matches the new quilt and cushion also introduced to premium economy which uses the same herringbone material that can be found in the airline’s first class cabin. The new pillow and blanket add another level of comfort the premium economy cabin as well as a luxurious look and feel.

New British Airways Amenity Kit

New British Airways Quilt

These additions which will be featured on planes from July follow improvements made earlier this year to the inflight meal service to focus on seasonal ingredients. British Airways has also announced they will introducing alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails including Gin Fizz, Bloody Mary or a Citrus Twist for a mocktail option.

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