Finnair Increases Its Checked Baggage Allowance

Wed, 13 Dec 2023

Finnair has made a significant decision to enhance the travel experience for its long-haul Business Class passengers, reversing a previous controversial policy. As of 11th December 2023, customers with Classic and Flex tickets will enjoy an upgraded checked baggage allowance, now allowing for two bags instead of one. Each bag is permitted to weigh a generous maximum of 32 kg, providing travellers with increased flexibility and convenience compared to the previous restriction of a single 23kg bag. 

This adjustment seeks to address concerns and align the airline’s services more closely with the expectations of its valued customers. The carry-on baggage allowance remains unchanged, allowing Business Class passengers to bring a carry-on bag (55x40x23 cm) and a small bag (40x30x15 cm), with a combined weight of up to 12 kg.

For the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on Finnair’s baggage policies, customers are encouraged to refer to the airline’s baggage section on the Easy platform. This strategic move not only reflects Finnair’s commitment to customer satisfaction but also positions the airline as a leader in providing enhanced services for its Business Class clientele.

As experts in Finnair travel, passengers can now maximise the value of their journey by taking advantage of the improved baggage allowances and also explore the benefits offered through Finnair’s frequent flyer programme. By leveraging the Finnair loyalty programme, passengers can enjoy a range of perks and privileges, further enhancing their travel experience. As Finnair airfare specialists, we encourage travellers to stay informed and make most of these valuable opportunities for an even more enjoyable and rewarding journey with Finnair.

Finnair Increases It's Checked Baggage Allowance

If you’re planning a trip with Finnair and want to make the most of their upgraded Business Class benefits, get in contact with our experienced airfare specialists today. Unlock exclusive perks and enhance your journey by leveraging Finnair’s frequent flyer programme. Alternatively,  visit our deals page for the latest airfare fares.

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