Finnair Meals Designed For You

Mon, 20 Mar 2017

Finnair has introduced a Meals Designed For You option for business class passengers out of Helsinki.

The specialty meals options include Wellness And Energy, Food Lovers Retreat, and Chef’s Gourmet.

For those after a lighter option, the Wellness And Energy meals are a healthy natural choice with plenty of fresh ingredients. These dishes often incorporate Asian flavours and ingredients, the current Wellness And Energy menu option is a honey and sesame marinated tofu, served with red rice, almonds and brussels sprouts.

Finnair Melas for you , marinated tofuHoney & sesame marinated tofu, with red rice, almonds and brussels sprouts.

The Food Lover’s Treat is for passengers after a hearty meal and full flavours. The current Food Lover's Treat menu option is grilled whitefish served with carrot puree, asparagus, spinach and zucchini. The Food Lover’s Treat is a decadent option full of satisfying flavours.

Finnair Meals For you WhitefishWhitefish with carrot puree, asparagus, poached spinach, and zucchini.

For the Foodies, the Chef’s Gourmet meal option is the finest fare for a discerning palate. The current Chef’s Gourmet menu option is reindeer entrecote served with barley risotto, porcini, and roasted artichoke with a thyme sauce.

Finnair meals for you , reindeer entrocote.Reindeer entrocote, barley risotto, porcini and roasted artichoke with Thyme sauce.

Meals Designed For You dishes need to be ordered 24 hours in advance. Contact your QFlyer consultant to arrange your speciality meal or to book Finnair flights.

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