Improved Flight Connections at LAX

Thu, 14 Jul 2016

Moving between terminals at LAX has often been a long and tiresome addition to the journey for weary travellers.  However, the airport is slowly making changes and the latest is the opening of the Terminal 4 Connector between LAX Terminal 4 and Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT).

For customers moving between Terminal 4 and TBIT there is now just a short five minute walk which directs you through a four-lane passenger security screening checkpoint, eliminating the need to exit TBIT and re-clear security at the connecting terminal.  This makes for a faster and smoother connection between flights and an infinitely more pleasant transfer experience.

It’s quite a network of tunnels and corridors, but Qantas and American Airlines passengers have the best deal as their Terminal 4 is directly adjacent to Tom Bradley.  Entry to the Connector from Terminal 4 is right after security at the Gate 41 departure lounge.  After going upstairs via either escalator, stairs or lift, you’ll head into a corridor which opens up into a larger space, and keep on walking toward the travelators that head into the Tom Bradley Terminal.  The landscape within the corridor changes several times as you move from the new terminal to the older parts, before finally arriving at your destination, but just keep the faith and keep following the signs.

Just to add some interest as you move along there are large panoramic windows at various spots that offer great views of the tarmac.  Near the end of your walk you’ll be in a tunnel with floor-to-ceiling windows, suspended over the Tom Bradley check-in hall.

LAX International Check-In

Finally, you’ll find yourself heading into the terminal itself via a set of escalators, passing a little dog park (where service dogs take a much-deserved break) and ending up in the centre of the terminal, past security.  Lots to see for a five-minute walk right?

You can re-trace your steps and go back the same way, so the Connector works for those transferring in either direction.

LAX Connector T4 TBIT

For Qantas travellers, this is a big step forward.  Qantas’ partner, American Airlines has some flights operating from Bradley, so this allows people to go back and forth with ease, connecting from domestic flights to international.  Considering the minimum connect time can be up to two hours today, the airlines may find they can scale this back, making for quicker connections, and getting people where they’re going faster.

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