Issues with Qantas Points and Status Credits

Wed, 12 Jun 2019

You may have noticed that your Qantas points and status credits are not being accrued automatically, especially when flying with partner airlines. We can assure you that your flights are still eligible for the number of points and SC as discussed with your Airfare Consultant during your booking process.

The issue has arisen from a change in Qantas process and we are working closely with Qantas as well as Finnair, BA, and JAL to get the long term situation clarified.

Our advice at the moment is to keep hold of your boarding passes and wait 4 weeks from the completion of your flights before worrying or escalating the issue. We are finding that in most cases the points and SC are still being accrued correctly, but at this point they are taking 3-6 weeks to appear in your account. If you make a retroactive claim too soon, you are likely to receive an error message from Qantas as your existing claim is still live in their system.

We'll keep you updated on the issue and hopefully Qantas will revert to adding the points and SC automatically in the near future.

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