Japan Airlines Reveals A350-1000 New Business And First Class

Sun, 01 Oct 2023

Japan Airlines (JAL) has unveiled stunning new interiors for its new 239-passenger Airbus A350-1000, including new First Class, Business Class and Premium Economy seats. Back in February this year, Japan Airlines confirmed that an upcoming delivery of Airbus A350-100 jets would include the first major update to its flagship First Class cabin products for 19 years, in addition to a new Business Class seat.

With a total of 13 Airbus A350-1000s on order, they will eventually become the carrier’s flagship aircraft. Currently with 13 Boeing 777-300ERs in its fleet (which are the carrier’s current flagship aircraft), we can expect a 1:1 replacement.

The first delivery is expected late this year, with the entire replacement of its 777-300ERs by 2028. This projects the goal of delivering two A350-1000 by 2023, nine by 2025 and 13 by 2028. Currently offering great Business Class deals to Europe and Business Class deals to North America, Japan Airlines is proving to be not only a quality option for long-haul Business Class flights, but a commitment to developing its products to provide a premium offering to its passengers.

JAL A350-1000 First Class

Japan Airlines has revealed an exciting new six-suite First Class cabin. Developed by the United Kingdom’s Safran Seats GB, the suites will be configured in a two-row cabin, with a 1-1-1 configuration. Although Japan Airlines will offer a smaller First Class cabin with just six luxurious suites, down from eight on its 224 seat 777-300ER, the new high-walled, doored product shows a substantial upgrade, offering great privacy with impressive comfort options. The seat will have 83” of pitch, 48” of width, 80” long bed, 62” high wall and an 43” entertainment monitor.

Japan Airlines New First Class A350-1000

Japan Airlines New First Class A350-1000

Safran discussed that “The primary seat converts to a 80” bed with high shells and doors for utmost privacy. The suite can accommodate up to three people in-flight with both the primary and side seat paired with the adjacent ottoman”.

Three main seating modes can be achieved in this space, says JAL. These are a sofa, a seat plus a single bed or a double bed more if all seats are transformed into a bed configuration. A wardrobe, large under-ottoman storage space and insulated drinks compartment are also provide in the suite. The carrier will also take a step in the headphone-free direction, with built-in headrest speakers in both first class and business class.

Japan Airlines New First Class A350-1000

Japan Airlines New First Class A350-1000 Single Bed

Japan Airlines New First Class A350-1000 Double Bed

Japan Airlines New First Class A350-1000 Storage

Japan Airlines New First Class A350-1000 Wardrobe

Japan Airlines New First Class A350-1000 Wireless Charging And Controls

JAL New Business Class

In Business Class, JAL will increase capacity by offering 54 staggered seats versus 49 on the 777-300ERs. For the first time JAL has added doors, while they have moved storage compartments to be exclusively positioned on the window side to create more of an open look and feel through the cabin.

Japan Airlines New Business Class A350-1000

The seat will have a 51” pitch, 22” width, 78” long bed, 52” high wall and a 24” entertainment monitor. The seats will also feature the headset speakers, so that passengers can enjoy entertainment without using headphones. Seats will continue to offer luxurious features such as wireless charging and pressure dispersing cushions.

Japan Airlines New Business Class A350-1000

Japan Airlines New Business Class A350-1000

Japan Airlines New Business Class A350-1000

Japan Airlines New Business Class A350-1000

Premium Economy Offering

JAL will however reduce the capacity of its Premium Economy cabin, offering just 24 seats compared to its previous 40 seats. Equipped with a fixed backshell and a privacy divider, passengers can still feel like they have their own personal space. The product also has an electrically operated reclining function allowing passengers to relax in their preferred position, while also having a 16” 4k widescreen IFE monitor, being approximately 1.3 times larger than the current model.

Overall, the A250-1000 will offering 6 First Class seats (increased from 8), 54 Business Class (increased from 49), 24 Premium Economy (decreased from 40), 155 Economy (increased from 147), making for a premium heavy configuration with a total of seats 239, a slight decrease from 244 on the 777-300ER.

Japan Airlines New A350-1000 Seating

A350-1000 Destinations

Japan Airlines has so far released only one Airbus A350-1000 route. Although there is no expected date on when it will begin service, it intends to start flying between Tokyo and New York before the end of 2023. The initial plan was to enter service in November, but supply issues have pushed this back.

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