New Cathay Pacific Inflight Dining

Thu, 07 Feb 2019

Cathay Pacific is rolling out a new ‘Hong Kong Flavours’ dining series, which includes treats such as wok-fried lobster. 

The new menus will be available across on long haul flights out of Hong Kong from February to April 2019. 

The menus are available across all cabin classes and include braised abalone in first class, roasted duck in business class, baked seafood rice in premium economy and Hong Kong style seafood curry in economy. 

The meals have been inspired by dishes you’d find in top restaurants as well as Hong Kong’s local dining scene and are designed to highlight Hong Kong’s foodie craze. The menu also included traditional festive dishes to celebrate the Chinese New Year period.

Cathay Pacific Business class Hong Kong Flavours – Wok fried lobster in broth with crispy and steamed rice, spring onion and ginger 

Cathay Pacific Business class Hong Kong Flavours - Braised brisket with flat rice noodles in special beef broth 

Cathay Pacific Economy Hong Kong Flavours Menu – Traditional steamed pork and water chestnut patties on jasmine rice 

Cathay Pacific Economy Hong Kong Flavours Menu - Fried fish with sweetcorn sauce on jasmine rice 

Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Flavours Menu

First Class

Braised abalone with flower shiitake and choy sum-layered bean curd Braised garoupa with bean curd and shiitake mushrooms in ginger and scallion sauce

Business Class

E fu noodle soup with crab meat sauce Roasted duck with lai fun rice noodles in soup Coconut and red bean pudding Hong Kong-style milk tea pudding with tapioca pearls Osmanthus jelly with wolfberries

Premium Economy

Baked seafood rice with tomato sauce Steamed halibut with Tai O preserved mustard greens and steamed jasmine rice


Soy-braised chicken with Chinese sausage on steamed jasmine rice Hong Kong-style seafood curry rice

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