New Finnair Business Class

Wed, 06 Dec 2017

Finnair are revamping their business class cabins, with a strong focus on Nordic design and philosophy.

The new Nordic cabins will be rolled out from February 2018 and feature new fabrics and soft furnishings along with a revamped service concept including on demand dining and a wider range of food and wine options.

Finnair's new business clabin features a focus on Nordic design.Finnair's new business cabin features a focus on Nordic design.

New Marimekko Design

The new Nordic business class will feature new seat covers, pillows, blankets and chinaware with prints from iconic Finnish designer Marimekko.

Marimmeko designs feature throughout the cabin.Marimmeko designs feature throughout the cabin.

The new interiors are designed to give a fresh and modern aesthetic to the cabin.

Business class passengers will also receive new Marimekko amenity kits in a range of different designs.

Marimekko business class amenity kits.Marimekko business class amenity kits.

New Menu & Personalised Service

A new Nordic inspired menu created by Swedish Chef Tommy Myllymaki will be rolled out at the same time as the new cabin design. Tommy Myllymaki has been nominatd as chef of the year in Sweden and is the creative director of 5 stockholm restaurants.

The new menu will have a focus on seasonality with the Winter menu featuring Nordic flavours like Jerusalem artichoke with cep mushrooms and pear, and braised ox with celeriac and kale, and the summer menu will have an emphasis on seasonal, crisp fresh vegetables.

New menus feature seasonal dishes designed by top Swedish chef Tommy Myllymaki.New menus feature seasonal dishes designed by top Swedish chef Tommy Myllymaki.

Along with a new menu, business class passengers will also get to enjoy restaurant style dining with the choice to eat at their preferred times.

Passengers on morning flights out of Asia will also be able to enjoy Kahvikutsut the Finnish tradition of consuming coffee with seven traditional treats including Carelian pies, cinnamon buns, coffee cake, and chocolates between the 2 meal services.

Kahvikutsut - Coffee served with 7 Traditional Finnish Sweets.Kahvikutsut - Coffee served with 7 Traditional Finnish Sweets.

Finnair’s New Nordic business Class Cabin will commence on February 7th 2018 on A350 flights from Helsinki to Seoul, Tokyo, and Shanghai and is expected to be rolled out on all long-haul routes by mid-late 2018.

New Finnair Business Class.New Finnair Business Class.

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