Qantas and Emirates review Fare Seasonality & Surcharges

Mon, 30 Mar 2015

Qantas and Emirates have been working together to create a new approach to their international fare structure.  This involves changes to seasons, fare reviews, and perhaps the biggest change, peak period and day of week surcharges.

The changes will include:

  • the removal of seasonal dates in the base fares
  • peak period surcharges (first introduced in May 2014) will expand to cover periods where demand is high, and traditional High & Shoulder seasons will be removed.

Qantas is pushing the key benefit of these changes as allowing fare prices to be determined according to both outbound and inbound flights, with the travel dates of your flights dictating how the peak period and day of week surcharges are applied.  For example, if your departure date falls into a high demand period and your return date into a low period, then your fare will reflect both dates as such.  As it stands now, if your departure date fell in a high season your entire fare would be charged accordingly.  Of course, it works both ways, with a departure date in the low season working to your advantage.

The changes come into effect on 01 April, so if you’d like to ticket your booking under the existing rules you’ll need to book and pay in full by 31 March.

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