Qantas Earlybird Season

Wed, 14 Oct 2015

As the year starts to head toward its close, we bet you’ve started to think ahead to 2016.  Fast-forward through the rapidly approaching Christmas & New Year party season and what do you want to find on the other side – Adventure? Family time? Rejuvenation?

Qantas and its OneWorld partners released their Earlybird fares three weeks ago for travel across the the globe next year, and they’re selling fast.  If you want to secure seats at the best rates you’ll see all year, now is the time to strike.  Last year was the first time we’d seen Earlybirds to the Americas, and they’re back again, along with South Africa and Europe.

Finnair is one of the world’s longest-operating airlines and their ‘Reindeer Route’ to Europe is excellent value for money with a wide range of destinations available via their Helsinki hub.  Geographically, their route is the shortest way between Asia and Europe and their timetables are arranged around smooth connection times.  Finnair Economy from $1518 inc taxes
Cathay Pacific Premium from $3110 inc taxes
Finnair Business from $4786 inc taxes

North America (inc Canada)
Qantas Economy from $1468 inc taxes
Arguably the best on the market, Qantas’ Premium Economy offers generous seat proportions and a limited number of rows in the cabin gives a luxe feel to the whole experience.  A huge range of destinations are available onward from Los Angeles, thanks to Qantas’ partnership with American Airlines.  Qantas Premium from $3277 inc taxes
Qantas Business form $6097 inc taxes
Qantas First from $11,182 inc taxes

South America
Qantas Economy from $1399 inc taxes
Qantas Premium from $2499 inc taxes
This base fare will get you from Sydney to Santiago, with other destinations within South & Central America available via both Qantas and LATAM Airlines.  Look forward to the five star dining onboard served at a time that suits you, and a fully-flat Skybed ensuring a good night’s sleep.  Qantas Business from $4499 inc taxes

South Africa
This fare is valid from Sydney-Johannesburg, with add-on departures available from all other domestic ports.  Qantas is rolling out a new dining experience for International Economy and you can select your meal online up to 12 hours before the flight.  No more missing out on your first choice!  Qantas Economy from $1520 inc taxes
Qantas Business from $4598 inc taxes

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