Qantas Frequent Flyer Changes

Wed, 19 Jun 2019

Qantas today announced the largest Qantas Frequent Flyer update in the program's history. Here's our wrap up of what the new change will bring:

NO CHANGE: Bronze - Platinum Status Tiers

The good news for frequent flyers looking to attain or retain Qantas Status, is that the Bronze to Platinum tier requirements are not changing. The number of flight and SC earned to reach, Silver, Gold and Platinum will stay the same.

NEW: Lifetime Platinum

For Platinum Frequent Flyers, Qantas is set to introduce a new Lifetime platinum level. The new tier is expected to come into effect from September this year and will require 75,000 SC to attain (the equivalent of 20 years Platinum One, or 62 years of Platinum). The Status is incredibly exclusive, even more so than the Qantas Chairman's Lounge.

NEW: Points Club

The airline is introducing a new Points Club, aimed predominantly at members earning points on the ground (hotels, car hire, partner credit cards etc). Entry criteria for the Points Club will be 150,000 points per year, with a secondary higher tier also available. Entry to the Points Club will unlock new travel benefits and unique opportunities including Qantas Club lounge access and bonus status credits. More details will be announced later in the year when Points Club is launched.

CHANGE: More Reward Seats Available

Qantas is making more than 1 Million additional reward seats available each year. The seats are on Qantas metal a well as with partner airlines and will be at peak travel times and to popular destinations including London, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Singapore.

CHANGE: Points Required To Redeem Flights

The number of points required for international economy Classic reward seats will decrease by up to 10%, while points required for premium & business class seats will increase by up to 15% (the first increase in 15 years). Points required for upgrades will also increase by 9%. The economy changes are effective immediately, while the increase to premium cabins will come into effect from18 September 2019

CHANGE: Carrier Charges

On the positive side, carrier charges will be reduced by up to 50% on international redemption bookings, saving an average of $200 per journey, and even more for those travelling in premium cabins. For example a business class return classic reward flight from Melbourne or Sydney to London will see carrier charges reduced by $380 (from $1080 to $700). The changes to carrier charges on international economy flights will come into effect from today, while premium cabin bookings will be reduced from 18 September 2019.

NEW: Partner Agreements

Qantas has signed new Frequent Flyer partnership agreements with Air New Zealand, China Airlines, Bangkok Airways, as well as Air France and KLM. More details and clarifications will be announced as to the extent of these agreements.

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