Earning points on Qantas’ frequent flyer program can be achieved in various ways.

Flying – this is our main focus at QFlyer, maximising your status credits in the meantime.

Credit Cards – this is the cashcow of the Qantas frequent flyer program with banks apportioning their revenue to Qantas who then set that aside for point accrual and redemption keeping a margin for themselves. The key to running a frequent flyer credit card is to ensure things are paid off in full to avoid interest, swapping cards from time to time through join offers with bonus points can be a good way to rack up extra points but be sure to cancel them and keep an eye on your overall position.

Shopping – directing your retail shopping to Woolworths, Big W and BWS will help earn additional points via the Everyday Rewards Card. There is now a Qantas online mall, with huge international brands such as Macy’s, Net-a-porter, Neiman Marcus and Pottery Barn. This is often a missed earning opportunity for many shoppers.

Hotels and Car Hire – many hotel groups and car hire companies will reward you with frequent flyer points. These include Hilton, Marriott, Herts and Avis to name a few.

Qantas Cash – taking an international money card overseas? Opt for the Qantas Cash card to maximise your point earning whilst abroad.

Phone and Web – do you have an Optus account? You can be earning more frequent flyer points.

Food and Wine – Qantas have a list of preferred restaurants online and you can earn points when making a reservation. If you’re a wine buff, try Qantas Epicure to earn points on wine purchases.

For more information on maximising your Frequent Flyer points through flying please contact our QFF Airfare specialists [email protected]

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