Plaza Premium First Lounge Kuala Lumpur Review

Sat, 16 Mar 2024

Prior to boarding our Turkish Airlines Business Class flight to Istanbul, we had the opportunity to check out the Plaza Premium First Lounge in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Being located within the International Area, you simply turn right after immigration and head up the escalators to the lounge. 

There are two lounges located here, the Plaza Premium Lounge and also the Plaza Premium First Lounge. Being a Business Class traveller we had access to the First Lounge, while the Premium Lounge can be accessible by those who wish to pay, and works on a first in best dressed scenario. 

The lounge is open 24/7 with Kuala Lumpur International Airport being a big stopover/layover destination. A relatively new lounge which opened in early 2023, it is the main lounge in the airport for travellers who are travelling in Business or First Class.

Plaza Premium First Lounge Entrance

Plaza Premium First Lounge Layout

Check-In was busy when we arrived, but with a dedicated line for the First Lounge, we were quickly through. 

Plaza Premium First Lounge Check-in Kuala Lumpur

Plaza Premium First Lounge is quite a small lounge overall, and we can imagine it would get quite packed and noisy during peak periods. Luckily for us, we entered the lounge during a relatively quiet period where capacity was probably at 20-30%.

As we entered the lounge the first thing we noticed was the nice view over the tarmac. This extended all the way down the lounge and gave a lovely sunrise view prior to our flight.

Plaza Premium First Lounge Tarmac Views From Entrance

Plaza Premium First Lounge Tarmac Views

Plaza Premium First Lounge Tarmac Views

The floor to ceiling windows really opened up the space of the lounge and provided nice natural lighting throughout the lounge once the sun had risen.

As for seating, there was a selection of armchair seats, set out in sets of 4, straight as you enter the lounge. As we continued through, we were greeted with a bar and service area on the left and a small dining area on the right. 

Seating In Plaza Premium First Lounge

Lounge Chairs Plaza Premium First Lounge Seating Options

Plaza Premium First Lounge Seating 

Plaza Premium First Lounge Seating 

Continuing through there were toilets located to the left and more armchair seating located to the right. The lounge had a few people already but didn’t feel crowded.

Plaza Premium First Lounge Toilets

Plaza Premium Lounge Toilets 

Each of the armchairs had charging ports located down the bottom of the armrest, while there was also a QR code which you could order meals and drinks from located on the table. 

Plaza Premium First Lounge Charging Ports

QR Code Food Ordering System Plaza Premium First Lounge

Plaza Premium First Lounge Dining

We found the QR code scanning at the tables very helpful and easy when we wanted to order food. With a chef freshly preparing select meals through an order made from your phone and then a staff member bringing the meal over, it heightened the dining experience for us and made it feel very personable. 

Plaza Premium First Lounge QR Code Scanner Food Ordering

In addition to the QR code scan and chef-prepared meals, there was also an open buffet style section - similar to what you’ll find in most airport lounges. 

Plaza Premium First Lounge Breakfast Options

Plaza Premium First Lounge Breakfast Buffet

Plaza Premium First Lounge Breakfast Buffet

The food on display was a selection of fruits, yoghurts, cereals and meats, while the options behind the bar were pretty decent. 

Self Serve Food Options Plaza Premium First Lounge

Being only 7am in the morning, we avoided having a drink aside from a coffee, which was a proper grinded coffee machine - another nice addition. Other beverages on offer included juices, flavoured water, tea and more.

Breakfast Juices Plaza Premium First Lounge

Self Serve Tea Section Plaza Premium First Lounge

Plaza Premium First Lounge Coffee Machine

Plaza Premium First Lounge Amenities

Showers were also available in the Plaza Premium First Lounge on a first come first served basis. 

They were all occupied during our stay so we unfortunately didn’t get to view them. The capacity of the lounge at the time wasn’t overly busy either, so something to make note for when travelling. The toilets were large and clean, and also big enough if you wished to get changed. 

There were screens with displayed departure/arrival times for flights which made it helpful to keep track of our flight.

Departures Screen List Plaza Premium First Lounge

When it came time to head to our flight, we were instructed to go to gate G1, where we had a private transfer to terminal C waiting for us. We headed to gate G1 and were greeted by a staff member, put into a private elevator and then escorted onto our private bus, where there were only 2 other travellers. BMW’s are also available, but reserved for First Class passengers. 

Plaza Premium First Lounge Private Boarding Epexrience

Private Terminal Transfer Shuttle Bus 

We found this service to be a really nice touch and added a level of exclusivity to our travels. This also meant we could spend extra time in the lounge without having to worry about how busy the line was for the bus to the other terminal.

Plaza Premium First Lounge Summary

Overall, our Plaza Premium First Lounge experience was very good, with the private transfer to our departing terminal to be a great touch. As it was not busy during our time in the lounge, the size did not bother us, but we can see how when at capacity it might not be as pleasant as our experience. However, we believe this is something that staff monitor closely, meaning it should never truly feel overcrowded.

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