British Airways Premium Economy Review

Sun, 28 Apr 2019

Recently we flew with British Airways in premium economy, and even before we boarded the plane we were treated to the premium services with priority check-in and boarding.

British Airways priority check-in

The premium economy cabin was in a 2-4-2 configuration, with the outer 2 window seats the best for travelling with a partner for easy access to the aisle during the flight.

The seat itself had a good amount of legroom and a footrest that moved smoothly. As well as a nice and wide seat with good back support and recline. 

British Airways premium economy cabin

The entertainment system that was located in the back of the seat, or on the armrest for the first row is filled with hundreds of hours of movies and television shows to enjoy with complimentary headphones. The controls and headphone jack are both conveniently located in the side of the armrest.

Front seats with screens in the armrest

Entertainment controls and headphone jack in the armrest

Complimentary noise cancelling headphones

The seat also had access to connectivity with USB ports below the personal entertainment screen and an AC power port next to your feet.

The personal screen in the back on the seat with USB ports

Connectivity on board British Airways premium economy

British Airways also provides you with a complimentary amenity kit, filled with socks, eye mask, tooth cleaning kit, earplugs and a pen.

British Airways premium economy amenity pack

Once settled on the plane we were greeted to a welcome drink, of champagne or water, a very nice touch that set the tone for the flight.

The inflight meal service starts with a drink of your choice with some pretzels, followed by a bigger hot meal that included three courses. 

The whole meal including the curry and rice main was delicious and finished off with a decadent chocolate mousse tart.

British Airways premium economy main inflight meal

Before landing another breakfast meal was served with teas and coffee, a great way to wake up before landing.

Pre-landing meal on board

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