The Current Qantas Lounge at Adelaide Airport

Tue, 25 Jun 2024

With Qantas Adelaide Lounge redevelopment well underway, the big question lies: Where do eligible passengers go now that it is under construction?

Our Director, Mark, recently visited Adelaide Airport for a quick work-related domestic trip, and was able to check out the current state of the  Qantas Lounge at Adelaide Airport last week.

Qantas Chairman's Lounge

Here’s The Report:

Qantas Platinum Frequent Flyers, now have access to the usually exclusive Adelaide Qantas Chairman’s Lounge. 

If this isn’t an enticement to maintain your status as a Platinum Frequent Flyer, or perhaps ensure you’re maximising your status credits to unlock this membership advantage, let it be.

For those who are wishing to access the regular Qantas Business Lounge, it is subject to availability according to Qantas. “The Qantas Club Adelaide lounge will be operating at reduced capacity as we work to reopen an exciting new Qantas Lounge precinct in mid-2025. The use of Complimentary Lounge Invitations and Qantas Lounge Passes will be unavailable during this time. Our normal lounge access policy will apply subject to capacity”. 

New Qantas Business Lounge In Adelaide

With the original Qantas Business Class Lounge in Adelaide Airport reduced to half its usual capacity, Qantas has introduced a ‘Grab and Go’ station, serving barista coffee and the standard breakfast offerings the normal lounge usually offers. 

This station was closed by 11am during our visit, which was a disappointment, but being a Qantas Platinum Frequent Flyer, we were headed to take a peak at Adelaide’s Chairman Lounge before our flight. Sadly the lounge was experiencing a high level of noise disruption during our visit, with loud drilling present throughout our 30-40 min stay. This may turn people off spending their time here, but the Cooper’s Alehouse and other coffee venues are readily available at one of Australia’s best airports [even if we are a bit biased].

Grab and Go Section For Qantas Business Members & Eligible Frequent Flyers

Inside Adelaide’s Qantas Chairman Lounge

Usually an invitation-only lounge, the Qantas Chairman Lounge in Adelaide Airport is being used as an exclusive area for any Qantas Platinum  and above Frequent Flyers to visit during this construction period.

We entered the lounge at around 11:00 am prior to boarding our flight to Melbourne with only a handful of guests present. Our initial thoughts of the Qantas Chairman Lounge were that it was larger than expected for what is typically a small group of potential travellers coming to and from South Australia.

Entrance To Temporary Adelaide Qantas Business Lounge

There are nice views of the tarmac, albeit more of a storage area for smaller jets, along with a range of seating options including stools, lounge chairs, booths and more formal sit down tables & chairs.

Tarmac Views Of Qantas Business Lounge

Seating Area In Qantas Chairman Adelaide Lounge

Qantas Chairman Lounge In Adelaide

Dining options in the lounge are the same as the regular Qantas Club offerings, as opposed to true ‘Business Lounge’ on the East Coast and in Perth which offer an elevated catering experience for premium guests.  - This included the usual bacon and eggs, salad, sandwiches and drinks. The bar is self-service but was locked until 12:00. We would assume the staff are happy to serve drinks once it is open and that self-serve is not the only option. The staff were setting up for the change to lunch offerings at around 11.30. 

Qantas' Temporary Business Lounge In Adelaide Buffet Options

Overall, it was a nice alternative to visit and a lot less crowded than the half-sized Qantas Club lounge. Given the reduction in capacity, it’s good to see Qantas thinking outside of the box to appease the number of Platinum and Platinum One travellers who may have otherwise been inconvenienced or turned away at peak times. 

If you’re looking to maximise your status credits for your next Business Class trip away, get in touch with an airfare specialist today.

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