British Airways Singapore Lounge Review

Wed, 05 Nov 2014

Rating: 6/10. Nice enough and does the job for a lounge that is sparingly used. Dated.
After arriving at Terminal 3 of Changi Airport I caught the monorail over to Terminal 1 and headed up the stairs to the BA lounge. The lounge is open from 2.30pm – 11pm daily and is open to the following…

  • flying with British Airways in First, Club World or Club Europe
  • a Silver or Gold member of the British Airways Executive Club
  • an Emerald or Sapphire Member of any of the oneWorld airline frequent flyer programmes

I took a beeline for the shower facilities which were quite nice, there are a number of showers in a circle all with glass doors and inside the usual amenities. BA use Elemis products in the lounge and on board, these are OK. It’s not a brand I get super excited about and the presentation feels a bit cheap.

BA Singapore lounge shower

BA Singapore lounge

In the main lounge area there’s a number of seating areas, with power available at most seats and a small buffet area with various food options. The staff also bring out some spring rolls and satays to the seats during busy periods. Towards the back is another refreshment station with ice-cream and a bar. Along the back of the lounge there are the usual business facilities.

BA lounge singapore workstations

BA have short transits to/from London so if you’re going right through you’d only have a very short wait here. Perhaps a bit longer if you’re stopped over in Singapore. So whilst the lounge isn’t so crash hot it’s good enough for a break without blowing your socks off..

BA lounge bar singapore

BA singapore lounge seating

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