Qantas Dreamliner Premium Economy Food & Drink Review

Mon, 06 May 2019

Recently we flew onboard the new Qantas Premium Economy from Hong Kong to Australia and enjoyed multiple meals during the flight, find out more about our experience below or read our review of the seat and cabin here. 

After getting comfortable in our seat, we were welcomed with a welcome drink of Sparkling wine and water to enjoy while we peruse the menu and the other passengers got onto the plane. 


After take off we were offered a light snack of Almonds and Pretzels and a beverage.

Qantas Dreamliner Premium Economy Drinks Menu

Premium Economy Australia to Hong Kong Menu

Premium Economy Hong Kong to Australia Menu

For the flight from Hong Kong, we had a variety of options to choose from, in the end, we opted for the Stir Fried eggplant with spicy sauce, steamed rice and choy sum.

The delicious meal which was accompanied by a side salad, bread rolls cheese and crackers, and Cookies and cream mousse. The meal was very filling and perfect for, before an overnight flight, the mousse finished on the meal nicely and was not too heavy after the main meal.

Stir Fried eggplant with spicy sauce, steamed rice and choy sum, onboard Qantas Dreamliner Premium Economy

Side Salad onboard Qantas Dreamliner Premium Economy

Cookies and cream mousse with Ore crumble, dessert onboard Qantas Dreamliner Premium Economy

Again for breakfast, there were a few different options to choose from including continental breakfast, hot breakfast, and Chinese breakfast.

The breakfast was the perfect sized meal for the end of the flight, the muesli and fruit plate were both fresh and accompanied by tea, coffee or juice.

Continental Breakfast on board Qantas Dreamliner Premium Economy

Other than these main meals, light snacks were also available throughout the flight including fresh fruit, cookie or chocolate bars. As always the Qantas staff were more than happy to fetch anything for you.

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